What is happening in Uzbekistan?

People keep dying there, apparently, and these stories keep showing up. CNN attributes it to “tensions” between the government and protesters. I don’t think it’s possible to get more abstract and unspecific as that. Maybe if we start talking about Kylie Minogue’s breast cancer we can brings down to earth again.

Where is Uzbekistan, Canada?

It’s true, though, that ever since we got the tragic news about Kylie I’ve had the song “Can’t Get You Out of my Head” running through my brain.



  1. check this story from another website (do you remember when they used to say that on johnny carson? you couldnt say cbs or abc because you were on nbc so you had to say here’s a clip from your new show on another network…anyway…)


    and–oh my lord, would you read the posts below the story? what’s up with jose pineda?

  2. Well, that about answers everything, doesn’t it. Seems like some mightily anti-democratic stuff going on, and as usual Scott McClellan is in la-la land. Have you ever wondered how hard it must be to be Press Secretary and to have to come up with complete fantasies day after day? “No, they’re fighting Islamic terrorists.” The sad thing is, the administration says these things because no one but liberal outlets like The Nation calls them on it. So they spin away.

    Jose Pineda is an enlightened man. I’d like to hear more from him.

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