On the roof, drunk

IMG 1495
Duncan and Will came over from the UK yesterday for my wedding. It was a joy to see them, despite the fact that I can only understand every other word that Will says. And he’s a BBC announcer! The language barrier doesn’t get in the way of a good time, though, so we ended up sitting at an outside bar and drinking an estimated four pitchers of beer before heading back home and acted moronically with Nicole. We went up to the roof and ate Thai food and looked at the three stars that are visible in Brooklyn and before we knew it–Bam!–we fell asleep.

I woke staring at the sky again and listening to Will snore. I didn’t know where I was. And then Nicole showed up and said we’d been up there an hour and was worried we’d get confused and walk right off, ending it all in a pitcher-fueled fog.

Now what? Got to get those labels on the complimentary bottles of wine! Buy people presents! There are assorted other tasks leading up this momentous Saturday, when I will finally be getting hitched after what feels like a lifetime of anticipation.

In one of my favorite Curb Your Enthusiasms Larry and Cheryl renew their vows and we only hear the end of Cheryl’s, in which she concludes with, “and I will love you for all eternity.” Larry loses his vows but the rabbi encourages him to make them up. “Things have been good,” he starts. “Things have been really good. Really, really, really, really, really good. And I will love you until I die.” Cheryl is upset. “but I said all eternity!”

I thought that was funny.



  1. your post about beer fogs and rainbows and death vs eternity really touched me.

    i like that episode too, but why cant he just say “fine–for eternity” i often back up larry’s rather dogged persistence, but this one i have to give to cheryl.

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