Guest blogger!

In a word, the wedding was amazing. It will take time to process everything, but it was easily one of the best days of my life. Having my family and friends in the same place together for a weekend truly enjoying themselves was a great feeling. We’re off to Spain tomorrow for two weeks, but in my place please welcome Rosanne, a good friend and spectacular gossip queen. So while this blog seeks to question the use of real news stories next to foofy news stories, the next couple of weeks will see an upswing in the foof.




  1. I’ve spent most of the longest day of the year on firm seats covered in thick weave velour. My body has no idea what time it is, but my senses were snapped by great images of the wedding as I sped through sun-kissed British countryside. While the mosquito bites will flatten and the beer bottle bruise on the heel of my right hand will fade, the memories of the weekend will live long. Wonderful. And what great people the Josh-Nicole familyfriend collective are. Thanks. Toodlepip.

  2. Fabulous, fabulous moments to be remembered. Great combo of folks, nature, & abounding hypnotic aura. Still reeling from warmth of guests and Josh/Nicole spirit. May it continue for the newlyweds forever & always.

  3. A truly magical happening. I can’t imagine it being any better. Thanks to all that were there, a splendid mix of family, friends, and wonderful karma… enjoy your special time together, Nicole and Josh, and keep hydrated!

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