Another massacre that no one cares about

This one happened yesterday, and it’s horrifying. At least 56 people were killed when gunman attacked a village in Kenya. “One mother told of how the gunmen killed her two children and beheaded her husband while she watched,” reported the BBC.

This is a horrible event that killed more people than the bombings in London last week. Yet the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Guardian, and others failed to even mention it.

They did mention the collision of three commuter trains in Pakistan and the 27 (mostly children!) killed in a suicide attack in Baghdad. Maybe they were suffering from horrifying-death-by-militants-or-accidents fatigue?

Oh yeah, Brad Pitt was hospitalized with flu-like symptoms.

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  1. I agree. The western media is too self-involved and have not time for the rest of the world. But in reply, what is our media doing? They have G8 and we follow them like dogs to be seen there… spineless. Even this morning’s papers have little to no mention of the Pak crash aftermath… but the fact that one of the London bombers had Indian connections or whatever is important. Ridiculous.

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