Someone else noticed the jaw

Harry Shearer at the Huffington Post (I wish I could say something like “Derek Smalls at Spinal Tap”) also noticed Georgie’s new jaw movements last night:

“During the announcement remarks, George W. Bush unveiled a (to me, at least) entirely new facial movement, and it was a trimphant debut, since the movement/tic/signal was repeated more than a dozen times. I have no idea what it means, but a new Presidential facial movement, well into the second term, is exciting enough on its own terms.”

George Bush jaw

I’m glad Nicole and I weren’t suffering from a group hallucination—or maybe that’s what was happening to Georgie?

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  1. Such movements can be neurological (organicity or other) psychological (stress/anxiety related)or a side effect from a variety of medications and or drugs. He has exhibited lip-biting and twisting his mouth to one side from the very start, especially when under high stress. Remember him in the classroom when he received the 911 alert? It is sad, and even more so that no one has ever said anything about this. It can be very serious.

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