Poll: is George Bush actually evil or does he just do evil things because he’s an idiot?

I can’t make up my mind about this. I go back and forth. On low days, when I’m convinced the world is ending, I tell myself that George is the source of all evil, that he even makes our shit stink. On better days, when I’m being generous, I view him as a kind of willful ignoramus, satisfied to surround himself with sycophants who shield him from the truth and from the results of his carelessness.

On the low days I feel like he’s not only ignorant of matters of race in America, but that he’s actively against the equality of non-whites.

On other days I tell myself that he doesn’t really hate black people, he’s just honestly believes that his policies work best for everyone, including minorities. You can’t hate someone who has good intentions, right?

It’s been a low day for some time. Because I’m inclined to equate him with Lucifer, today I think that George Bush knows that many Americans have this sort of struggle about his eviltude, and he is able to give speeches like last night’s (I confess that I didn’t actually see it, but I heard about it) in which, by taking responsibility for his administration’s inaction, he’s able to convince people that he cares, that his heart’s in the right place even if it’s a little misguided. He did the same thing after 9/11, and I wanted to believe him.

But then he went and invaded Iraq, using forged evidence and misinformation and a contempt for the international community to do it. And then we were all reminded of his hatred for a government that actually cares for people and that works on their behalf, not on the behalf of corporate interests. I could continue, but if you’re reading this you probably know this stuff already.

Yet his humanness gets to me. After all, if he stands at a bottomless pit of magma-soaked Satanity, he couldn’t be human. Humans, I tell myself, have a conscience and aren’t capable of actual Evil. Not to compare Georgie with Hitler (really, it’s just not the same), but this is the exact issue that theologians and historians have been dealing with when studying Adolf: if he’s actually evil incarnate, how can he be human?

So it goes with Georgie. He must have remorse for the terror he’s wrought in Iraq, for the way he continues to endanger this country rather than protect it, and for his pathetic inaction following Katrina.


So I’m asking you, all three readers, to tell me: Is George Bush actually evil or does he just do evil things because he’s an idiot?




  1. reader #1: i have to think that he believes his policies are best for everyone. maybe i’m naive and/or too forgiving, but, i think he actually feels that if everyone believed what he believes that the world would be better. whether he’s an idiot or not remains to be seen, but i think he thinks he’s working for the greater good. he’s just wrong.

  2. I think actually either way, is just is bad. There is this dope quote from MLK Jr.’s book Strenght to Love, where he says “We have a moral responsibility to be intelligent”

    I know Robert Kennedy had this realization of the other America, when he took a tour, and then was seen as a champion of poor people, does anyone know more comprehensively did any of his policy positions change as he traveled from ignorant to not ignorant about conditions in America?

  3. really late reader #3:

    I think it’s sweet that rb thinks that George W. Bush feels that he’s working for the greater good. I disagree.

    George W. Bush is a slacker. I think that he is trying to coast through the presidency following some “Presidency for DUMMIES” book.

    He prescriptively got us into a war because it’s “good for business” or whatever other national rationale we can pull out of a hat for a foreign war.

    He’s just trying to get through his obligation to the country.

    There is nothing innate in Bush himself that says that he actually WANTS to be the president because he has IDEAS. He wanted to be president because he could. Which I suppose is fine if you’re taking over your dad’s law firm, but unfortunately, Bush’s dad’s business was this country.

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