Is Kate Moss still hot?

Who is actually surprised that Kate Moss got caught doing coke? We (or the people who speak for us) always affect this “surprise” when stars are caught doing the very things we expect of them. Who believes that models don’t do coke? It’s so funny that H&M dropped her because of that stunt; as if the rest of their models don’t do any drugs. They, like the rest of us, pretend to be surprised at her behavior. Oh my, Kate Moss doesn’t eat? Who knew?

The bigger question, of course, is if she’s still hot in light of this behavior.




  1. Okay, so…I realize I don’t even know what Kate Moss looks like, I do recognize the name, but can’t put to it a face. So I go to Imdb, type in Kate Moss, and then even after seeing her I stil don’t recognize her.

    I don’t know if doing Coke could make someone hot or take away their hotness, but this does them the result of some bigger problem (i.e a lot of models doing coke) so whats the bigger systematic problem?

  2. She is hot, and indeed, perhaps even hotter now that we know what a naughty girl is she is. How does she keep such flawless skin? Seriously though, I live in the UK and you would not believe what a witch hunt this has been to destroy her. Its been 4 inch font headlines on all of the many tabliod rags in London, this bastion of journalistic integrety, every day for a week. Each day it gets better. First, she’s a cokehead, the next day a crackhead ho, and before you know it shes taking two dicks while injecting horse tranquilizer. Of course its hard to feel too terribly bad for someone whose career as a public persona lives and dies by the whims fashion and vanity, but the real eye opener is the machinations of the British tabloid press and they’re amazing power to defame. Someone had it in for Kate, and they pushed the red button on her. Poor Princess Di huh?. These papers make Fox news look like NPR.

  3. Was Kate Moss ever hot? The reason why you don’t know what she looks like is because models aren’t chosen for their memorable looks. It’s the clothes that are supposed to sell, not the face.
    Yeah sure, the papers ripped her to shreds etc. If you’re in that business it’s gonna happen sooner or later. It’s the price you pay for multi million pound deals with Remlin. If I remember correctly, Clinton had a similar crisis… despite not even inhaling. But I think we are all in agreement over the authenticity of his spunk on the blue dress and how many of us are not actually aware of the exact proportions and measurements of a certain cigar?
    But fret not, Katie seems to be back on her feet and close buddies with everyone in the fashion business, possibly designing a new collection for Topshop… who’d have thunk it. Looks like noone took her escapades too seriously after all and she’s not begging for change on some street corner in a self made cardboard bungalow, no matter what British tabloids said. Clinton on the other hand was systematically brought down in a witchhunt of epic proportions. Not that anyone in Europe gave a shit… about the cigar or dress or pot or all three, that is.
    Now I realize that Clinton was the former President of the US and Kate Moss is a supermodel… but in our world of colourful unadulterated commerce the two are not too dissimilar. Clinton and Moss are both just faces for something a little bigger than just themselves. So Katie shouldn’t take these attacks too personally and neither should anyone else.

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