Does nobody see this?

There may or may not be a real terrorist threat to New York (like there’s been all along), but isn’t it suspicious that this new one was announced on the same day that Bush gave his big we’re-staying-in-Iraq-for-the-rest-of-your-lives speech? From the administration’s point of view, the threat underscores the reason why we’re there (well, the new reason). ‘We’re fighting bin Laden in Iraq! Whoops! Terror alert in NYC!”

I don’t expect the 24-hour infomercial that passes for our national news media to mention this, but did anyone else notice, or am I just really very brilliant?

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  1. you are just very brilliant. someone else pointed out that no one was paying attention to bloomberg’s declining to debate the other mayoral candidates anymore. they had known for a few days but announced it the day of the debate. that may be a stretch, though. do you think there’s NOT a credible threat or do you question the timing, since they say they had been aware of it all week?

  2. I’m not in a position to question it’s credibility, but I do think it’s suspicious that the federal is questioning the credibility (though I think, if I had to trust somebody, I’d trust the NYC government over the current crop of feds).

    I do question the timing, since they’ve been sitting on the info since last weekend.

  3. Who knows if there is a credible threat or not, but during the Clinton years, there was attempts at the Lincoln Tunnel and other targets, and those attacks were prevented. No big announcement – just prevented attacks. If there really is a credible threat then they should be doing things much more aggressive than just announcing it. If there is a credible threat on the E Train, then shut it down, etc. But that said its still a little bit scary, because this hasn’t proved to the most competent administration, and I don’t know if its been demonstrated that they are above letting attack hit to remind Americans where their heart should be.

    Also, who was that guy who worked within the administration who recently came out and was saying how their was political pressure to announce threats when he was in office?

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