I’m not alone

I think people think I hate Apple because I dare to take a skeptical look at their offerings and question whether their intense, uncritical commercialism is a good thing. But Jack Shafer on Slate also sees this as the press giving out free kisses to any and every Apple product introduced to the market.

Shafer says that Apple’s marketing campaigns spread the idea that Apple is cool, and that if you buy Apple products, you are a de facto hipster:

Apple incites fanaticism about its products via ad campaigns and evangelist outreach programs designed to make its customers feel as though they’re part of a privileged and enlightened elite. One unnamed loser at Slate says today’s V-iPod news made her want to rush out and buy one, even though she already owns two iPods, one of which she bought three weeks ago.

It’s true. We aren’t any cooler if we buy, on the first day of its release, a product that’s been marketed to us through every imaginable avenue, especially if we already own one more earlier versions of the same product. In fact, that behavior might even be considered uncool.

Announcing The Apple Iproduct-1

Shafer also links to this wonderful web site for iProduct, the ultimate commentary on Apple fetishism.

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  1. so, you’re saying that when i desperately wanted the sony psp even though i dont like to play video games and was broke as hell, that i was simply submitting to consumerfetishism? and that’s NOT cool? i think i’m over ipods. i mean it’s to play music right? mine isnt in color and it doesnt hold photos, but it plays the shit out of songs. as far as i’m concerned, it’s better than a walkman but not as good as a puppy. actually, it might be better than a puppy. nah.

  2. Wait what??? I thought you were a proud owner of an Apple Computer??? You know… Apple Power!
    Is that really Apples slogan “I buy Apple products. It just makes me feel special.” Or did you make that up? Hahaha They must mean the other kind of special. If you catch my drift……….

    I don’t really see what’s so great about ipod’s. Everyone has them. I mean wouldn’t you want to be different???? And to make it worst people are stabbing you for these things. I don’t know, but I don’t feel like getting stabbed anytime soon. I think its better we resort back to the old CD player… Hey if it can play your music, that’s all that matters.

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