Is Georgie evil? Round three

Ethan Zuckerman wrote a really good post today about his meet-up with a Georgie supporter. Ethan’s willingness, and desire, to get to know the “other side” is a quality I wish more so-called liberals have. Too many of us are far too comfortable in our beliefs and spend more moralizing than actually wondering why other people think they things they do. I applaud anyone who, like Rousseau [shameless plug for credibility] look into themselves critically and refused to succumb to the temptation to judge others.

And the best part is, Ethan offers the definitive statement about whether or not Georgie is eViL:

Ian asked me two difficult questions before we left. One was whether I, like some self-identified liberals he knew, thought George W. Bush was evil. I had to think about this for a little while. I dislike Bush profoundly. I think he’s incompetent, loyal to the point of cronyism, and surrounded by unethical political strategists and passionate ideologues. I think he’s wrong much of the time, and has a hard time admitting when he is wrong. I don’t think he’s evil. Which is to say, I don’t think his intent is to harm individuals or our nation. I think much of what he’s done has been destructive to the poor, to our military, to our international reputation and to the constitution. But I don’t think this damage was done out of malice. (Like I said, I had to think about this for a while.)

That about sums it up. Debate over. Not evil.

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  1. the humility to know you could be wrong is certainly important, I agree that people who take the time to geniunely consider other people’s arguments will have the most sophisticated understanding of people and the world.

    But why do we judge Evil based on intent and not actions? Does he not as a public official have a responsability to know the affect of his actions on people? Not in any supernatural way, but rather because he has waged war against people in every sense of the world, he is evil.

  2. that last post was me, sorry I forgot to put my name – and I am also concerned this is taking away from the dramatic affect of my ending, “he is evil.”

  3. I knew it was you, because a) it was smart, and b) it had a New Jersey IP address.

    Very dramatic. A big ta-dum.

    I agree — we’re straining to understand the man’s intent, when he’d be the first to tell you that his actions speak for themselves.

  4. Well Bush sure is certainly….. something. But seriously you must admit that man speaks out of his as$ most of the time. Like literally crap comes flying out his mouth.
    And why does he always look like he’s staring at the sun???? You know with the squinty eyes and the look you get when you swallow a sour skittle. Yes very professional. Lol. I try my best not to judge.

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