My nano has a booboo. Are you serious?

We are fighting the good fight. Injustice is occurring everywhere and we must take a stand. We have a right to a scratchless iPod nano.

Are there really no better fights to fight than this one, a class-action suit against Apple for not making their iPod nano sufficiently scratch-proof?  The fact that this suit came about means that lawyers were hired, documents were drafted, and money was spent in order to sue on behalf of consumers who are simply tired of forking over money for an mp3 player that gets scratches on it.  The injustice.

Cult of Mac at Wired thinks it’s dumb too:

The problem with having yuppie customers is they are so quick to sue. The class-action lawsuit against Apple over scratched nanos strikes me as petty and greedy — even though I own a nano (scratched, natch) and am probably eligible to join.

Although I know I’m naive for saying this, it’s absurd that in a world where this is happening, people are obssessed about scratches on their near-worthless stuff and would rather act out of concern for their self-images of cool that are continually stroked (and scratched) by Jobs and co. than for something that is actually meaningful.  Citizen participation?  Wait, my nano hurts!
If you’re still itching to sue, sue Georgie.

P.S. See what Rosanne has to say about this too.

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  1. Just as ridiculous, but somewhat more difficult to figure out, is the lawsuit from Canadian new age folk trio Wyrd Sisters against Warner Bros., Jarvis Cocker of Pulp, and Johnny Greenwood and Phil Selway of Radiohead. Kinda hard to tell who’s being the bigger idiot here, but either way, it’s a huge waste of time and brain power. If you’ve got both to spare, may I suggest reading this:

    …and this:

  2. It is hard to figure out. A) Why sue Cocker et al. when it’s Warner Bros. who is using the name, and 2) This is really an important fight? At least their band’s name is at stake, which is a little closer to home than the anonymously produced gadgets we buy.

  3. It’s not really at stake since a) the band in the movie is now nameless, b) the name “Wyrd Sisters” is taken from a play, which itself is taken from MacBeth, and finally, c) there would be no confusion between them and the nameless movie band had they not made a public stink about it.

    How do you spell “payday?”

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