Iranian bloggers must hasten the NYT’s descent to the journalistic sinkhole

I’ve been more than a little incommunicado lately, and it’s all because of George Bush.

Actually, it’s all because of an increasing inability to find any time to do anything but work, half-work, and worry about work.  I wrote a little while back about the stress of coming up with the perfect organization system.   When I get stuck with a lot to do, and little brain space to figure out how to do it all, I find myself obsessing over finding better ways to manage my shit.  What I really need is a new calendar and task system!  No, wait, a new Moleskine notebook will make everything more manageable!  (It actually helped, if only because the nice rugged feel of the “the legendary notebook of Van Gogh, Chatwin, Hemingway, Matisse and Céline” makes me want to play with it in my hands and push my pen against the hard binding.)  

I’m editing a video, an activity which some of you might know is second only to vacationing in a black hole in terms of time-suckage.  Days, shower cycles, and seasons go by without me even taking a pee.  It’s good though; I’ll have a 15-minute ode to men who are obsessed with street animals when I’m done.

In other news, my new favorite adversary, the New York Times (Judy Miller, TimeSelect, general odor of bullshit) has introduced Marjane Satrapi as a new blogger on their web site.  She’s a fantastic writer and illustrator who’s best known for two graphic novels, Persepolis and Persepolis 2, about growing up in Iran and leaving for France at the start of the revolution in 1979.  She’s illustrated and hand-written three posts so far like this one:

The first panel of Marjane Satrapis blog for the NYTimes
As Dan Visel at Future of the Book notes, I can’t actually read the blog that she’s writing because it’s a TimeSelect feature, meaning that in order to read it I must shove my notions of a free Internet up my ass and beg for someone’s account information.  In addition, I can’t buy the print version of the paper because the Times is increasingly making TimeSelect a web-only feature, so we have to pay for it.   Visel, who’s craggy about the whole pay for online content thing too, wonders if it’s worth it for good content like this:

Is this worth shelling out money for Times Select? Maybe not by itself. But if they keep providing this sort of web-dedicated content, naysayers might think about reconsidering.

Bullshit.  If they keep providing this sort of web-dedicated content, I will reconsider the nice things I’ve said about Salzburger, Keller, and co. over the years as their leaky ship has started to sink and I’ll start praying that it falls more quickly to bottom of the print-journalism sinkhole.

Take that!

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  1. it is an interesting time when even traditional record companies start strictly online record company offshoots like warner bros. has done. i personally havent bought a “real” newspaper in months (well, mostly because they get my hands dirty) but feel equally as informed if not more so than before. i dont know if you can really blame the journalists, though, or even the paper for trying to turn a profit. i dont know, call me american but…

    anyway, i find that i trust free “content” more than anything i have to pay for lately. at least that way all you have to second guess is the writer’s personal agenda, not the agenda of whoever’s backing them. i agree with you, though, wholeheartedly. let’s see what happens or let’s participate in what happens with the dissemination of information in years to come.

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