Will Ethiopians always have distended bellies?

Rosanne, who once took over for this fine, if rarely updated, blog while I was busy getting married and honeymooning yet for some reason wouldn’t join hands with me in my quest to search for things that are really happening, is continuing to do my work for me.  She pointed me to this wonderful post on Defamer about my favorite new TV show, Ethiopian Idols.   They take a pretty open-minded look at the show:

it’s still an exciting opportunity for most Ethiopians, for whom the shameless pursuit of celebrity is still a relatively fun and novel concept. To say nothing of the fact that being aware of one’s “pitchiness” is a great distraction from that other contestant concern, constant hunger.

I’m glad the only thing we can think of about Ethiopians is how starving they are.  I know it’s supposed to be funny, and is, slightly, but can’t we be just a little lest racist about it?

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