Brangelina take another step toward reality

I usually don’t care about celebrity relationships unless I know that celebrity (and I don’t know any celebrities), but as I’ve said before, I kind of like the Pitt/Jolie affair. So I’m glad to see that they are expecting a baby. It’s kind of like the new Woody Allen and Mia Farrow power couple, except that unlike Woody, Brad actually seems to be concerned about the world south of East 59th Street.

I hope they adopt ten more babies from around the world and spend millions more on beds for victims of disaster. Who cares if they’re from Hollywood? It’s a pretty good example they’re setting, don’t you think?

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  1. maybe they could have gotten married before they got preganant. this will lead to scores of super-hot unwed mothers and their equally super-hot baby daddies donating to charities all over the world. and where will be then?

  2. It’s true. How could I have endorsed such blatant fornicationary sinfulness. We should be advocating marriage, whether or not people actually are ready, and then lots of babies, whether or not they want them, and then refuse to give them health care when their babies get sick and — this is awesome — not provide financial support when the baby daddy takes off!

    But seriously, Rosanne, I wish your fantasy were real. What a cool world it would be.

  3. I think their baby (Whitey, as his brother and sister will call him/her) has the potential to be really weird looking. I know it’s shallow, but you know you were thinking it.

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