Introducing: The Lab Partners

Rosanne and I have decided to start a new group blog together, the lab partners. The idea, hopefully, is to set a conversation topic and write about until our fingers run dry, then set another topic.


Here’s Rosanne’s version of how the blog started:

after talking to each other for a while through their own respective
“blogs,” one day josh IM’d rosanne and said “hey what do you think
about doing a group blog?” rosanne answered “souds fun, wht shoudl we
do?” (because rosanne never corrects typos and the n key on her
computer kind of sticks a little.) they hashed out a few ideas,
enlisted everyone they knew, and lo, a site was bor

Some friends will be joining us, though we’re not sure exactly how many. We’ll be writing about all kinds of things; I’ll mostly indulge my genocide fetish while Rosanne will show off her encyclopedic knowledge of celebrity fandom.

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