The White Boy Tech Problem

Chris Messina, a tech consultant who blogs at FactoryCity and was once on the Flock team, wrote a great post today about the whiteness and maleness of the Web 2.0 world. He says things that many white men don’t have the nards to say.

as it stands, we, as white men (of course I include myself in that), have a tremendous amount of privilege and power — power that many of us don’t know we have, power that many of us choose to ignore, power that some of us disclaim or shrug off. The utter reality is that whether you want it or not, you have the power and the potential to be part of the ongoing solution.

I think it’s manly to admit as much, and unmanly to pretend otherwise.

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  1. Hi Josh how you’ve been. I hope you’re fine. Look I’ve learned a lot of English since I’m in the CLIP program. Now, this is my last semester I’m in the highest level, I may teach my classmates how to blog and the power of our worlds and thoughts. Bye Josh I hope to hear of you soon.

    Andy From Bronx Community College

  2. Hey friend, isn’t it unoriginal at best to say “men rule”?

    Could you please explain what is that immense power I have simply by being a man? I don’t see it. What I DO see however when entering a bookstore is that everything that matters is written from feminist viewpoint. Women this, women that, women another thing.

    90% female school teachers no problem – oh, that can wait, but even 51% male Web 2.0 coders – now THIS is an inequality that must be addressed at once!

  3. I don’t think it’s about being original or unoriginal. It’s about acknowledging the inherited power of white men in the Western world. This doesn’t mean men suck, or that the power roles should be flipped. It just means that we white men take a lot for granted and we should take the responsibility of working for equality and justice.

    I’m not sure I get your reference to female power. The number of feminist books in a bookstore and the high percentage of female teachers means women rule the land?

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