I want to be a dynamic Jew

Spurred on by Heidi’s comment on my Israel round-up post, I’ve been increasingly interested in Jewish/Israeli writers — mostly coming from the left — that counter the with-us-or-against-us positions on Israel that you see so often in our newspapers and popular media.  All too often in the States, being friends with Israel means casting a blind eye toward the Palestinians and supporting every hard-line decision the Israelis make.

What I want is to soak up honest information, and I’ve been getting a good taste of it lately.

A writer going by the pseudonym of Jeremiah Haber wrote a fascinating post about the folks in George H. W. Bush’s cabinet that worked for peace, including Dennis “Israel’s Lawyer” Ross.

I’m starting The Yellow Wind, by David Grossman.  It’s an account of the Palestinians in the ’80s, on the eve of the first Intifada, and was translated into English by…

Haim Watzman, who writes, with Gershom Gorenberg, the South Jerusalem blog, which has quickly become an invaluable guide to left-ish Israeli politics and culture.  This was the side of Israel I missed on my trip, so now I’m catching up.

Micah Sifry got me into all of this (he shared the Haber post in Google Reader today), so thanks to him. There’s of course so much more out there — I’m looking forward to discovering it.


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