Reject! Denounce!

Last Friday I was suddenly inspired to create a new web site. It would be almost the same as except that it would ask the public to Reject and Denounce things (recall that Barack Obama was asked to do the same about Jeremiah Wright in a debate with Hillary Clinton).

I pinged my buddy Jed Sundwall about it, hoping he could help me find a developer to do a quick and dirty install. He did — tapping a wonderful resource in the discussion board at — and by Friday night, was born. Here’s an example of the zaniness:



So check out the site, and post your rejections/denunciations!



  1. I love it. However wouldn’t it be great if there a way to program your computer to entrap you, with some physical restraining mechanism like a tractor beam or mind control, or some form of blackmail, like threatening to expose your secret love of Rick Steves, or holding your grandma hostage. And then it forced you to denounce an aspect of your life, a fact of your life, something perhaps you even liked in a way, one so interwoven with who you are, in a single blanket statement of 10 words or less, without nuance or caveat, something that taken alone makes you look like a fool in front of all your friends. Now THAT would be a fun. Can your programmer friend do that josh?

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