I’ve Tweeted it, Facebooked it, and IM’d it, so now that I’m blogging it I guess it’s official: I am no longer associate editor at techPresident and Personal Democracy Forum, and this week is my first full week as managing editor at

It’s an exciting move. I get to work with Ben Rattray and co. to build up a social action blog network (and to help define what the heck that means), and to work on a project that I’ve admired from the start. It’s a bittersweet move from the PdF world, but I know I’ll be in close contact with those folks.

And to help celebrate, Sarah Stirland at Wired wrote a profile of the switch! It includes this pullout quote:




  1. Joshua,


    As the Executive Director for the Ellensburg (Washington)Downtown Association , I have just recently discovered ,and while I’m not sure I fully understand its potential yet, I am excited to see how this new tool can reshape the philanthropic and non profit community.

    Congratulations on the new adventure.

    Timothy Bishop, CMSM
    Ellensburg Downtown Association

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