At Netroots Nation

I’m in Austin at the Netroots Nation conference (formerly YearlyKos, but they wanted to imply more independence from DailyKos) and I have to say, I’m enjoying it more than I expected. Maybe it’s because I’m here with a specific agenda, but I’m loving hanging out with a community built around hardcore partisan ideas like guaranteeing health care to people, creating green policy, electing Obama, etc. Personal Democracy Forum is fantastic, of course, but I’m finding it refreshing to be around people who are unashamed — in fact, empowered — to be advocating for a progressive agenda.

Last night Wesley Clark (yawn) and Howard Dean (yay) spoke to us about what it means to be Democrats and Americans, or something like that. Here’s a pic of Ho-Ho, in which you can sort of make out his snappy patrician suit:

Anyhow, I may report again, but if not it’s only because I’m enjoying a few too many bottles of Lone Star beer and hanging wout with some truly fantastic folks.

If you aren’t here but for some reason care about what I’m doing, best thing to do is to check out my Tweets.


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