Let the games begin!

China has gotten right into the action and pre-empted its Olympics by revoking the visa of a U.S. Olympic gold medalist, skater Joey Cheek.

It isn’t because he was illegally spitting in the streets. When he’s not racing on his blades of glory, Cheek is an organizer of Team Darfur, a group of athletes raising awareness of the genocide in Darfur.

See, China has sorta, kinda been helping fund the Sudanese military during the time of the Darfurian genocide. China sold Sudan 90% of its arms purchases from 2003-2006, the same time those wonderful janjaweed were beginning to destroy rural Darfurian villages (Mussolini’s Fallacy has more about that and other support for Sudan).

For the small crime of pushing awareness of the situation in Darfur, Cheek won’t be participating in the Olympics. Can’t wait to tune in to it all next week!


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