The Soft Bigotry of Low Expectations

In the wake of a tidal wave of negative publicity for the GOP, courtesy of a certain ex-Mayor of Wasilla who, to perilous effect, doesn’t believe in sex education, Joe Trippi sends a bit of realistic advice to the Democrats:

Expectations are so low for Palin, and the opportunity to connect
with the growing viewing audience so high – like a hit TV show that
lifts the ratings of the show that follows it, will McCain bask in the
afterglow of Palin’s success on Thursday night? Or will McCain be on
hand to provide the damage control for his own errant judgment?

It is too early to tell. But the mistake is to see the controversies
and questions around Sarah Palin as damaging, they may turn out that
way and John McCain may pay the price – but for now the interest they
are creating in Palin may actually be building the moment and the
opportunity John McCain and the GOP need to successfully turn the page.

My Democratic friends and I had a gleeful Labor Day weekend. We saw the McCain campaign deal with one piece of craziness after another (see TPM for a recap) and Obama’s poll numbers shot up.

But Palin could likely impress America when she’s unveiled later this week. Yes, expectations are low, she does have a folksy charm, and the only direction the GOP can go is up. So maybe we’l see a bit of a bounce, but I’m increasingly confident that, when viewed next to the McCain/Palin comedy troupe, Obama/Biden are looking pretty secure and serious to most Americans right now.


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