Palin’s Daughter, Double Standards, etc.

The more I think about it, the more I’m upset about Sarah Palin’s conflicting message about her daughter — the media isn’t allowed to talk about her, but we will stage a big scene on the tarmac with John McCain and Levi in tow, and get b-roll of Cindy and baby Trig for good effect.

Jill smartly sums up growing opinion about what if this were Obama’s daughter who’d gotten pregnant. She brings up an excellent, if upsetting, point about race-based double standards (emphasis mine):

Wow. Could not have said it better myself. There remains a stereotype
that African-Americans have poor morals. If Barack Obama’s
daughter were pregnant, you’d better believe that pundits would
be tsk-tsking the dysfunctional “black family” and there
would be plenty of b-roll of black pregnant teens in our public schools
with talk about the single black welfare queens & the national
burden they create. That’s the double standard — Palin is
permitted to individualize where Obama is not

The white Palin is perceived as everymom and her own person at once; a black Palin would be tasked with answering for her entire race.

UPDATE: This bit from Daily Show shows the crazy and hysterical hypocrisy coming from Karl, Bill, Dick, and co.


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