Alex Steed, Super-Millennial

I haven’t mentioned yet on this fair blog, but my friend Alex Steed, scribe of Make Something Happen, fellow New Englander, and all-around super guy is setting out next month for a whirlwhind tour of these fair States to find out just what makes twentysomething activists tick. (We at are giving him a hand with a few aspects).

He’s rightly grabbing attention for the project. From Save the Internet:

But what sets Steed and other millennial activists apart isn’t
so much age – it’s how they participate in activism. Steed
says that millennial activists are defined by a sense of “digital
fluency” and leverage most of their social and political power
using the Internet.

“The same way that for many people activism means a particular
set of things, like picket signs or making phone calls at a phone bank,
to the millennial, I think one of the top three techniques will always
include the connectivity provided by the Internet,” Steed said.

Indeed, Steed himself is a self-proclaimed millennial activist,
relying on the Internet for much of his social organizing. But
he’s fascinated by the way people only a few years younger than
he is are harnessing the Internet to create change in increasingly
creative and effective ways.

Go Alex!



  1. “Nobody ever says, ‘I want to be a” super-millennial when I grow up.'”

    Thanks a bunch for bringing some attention to this, man. And all of your other help. And looking like you do in your Facebook photo.

  2. My dear friend Alex,
    I’m so prowd of your super inteligent activism. The main thing is in idealism and utopism, if we looose that we lost the world and ourselves.
    Looking forward seeing you in Serbia again!
    Good luck!

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