Yes, he’s really going to be president

Every once in a while I remember that Barack Hussein Obama is about to be sworn in as the 44th President of the United States. For some reason, that fact sometimes slips my mind.

When the realization of it comes to me, I feel an internal shudder, like when you realize that something that you never thought possible is not only possible, but reality.

This picture did it to me again:



  1. I do find myself wondering why he keeps staffing Justice with RIAA bulldogs, though. Biden influence? Content industry reward for campaign funding? I’m no Lessig copyleftist, but it gives me pause.

    That said, I’m thrilled with Panetta at CIA (pending confirmation, which seems fairly certain). The next best thing to scrapping the Company and starting over is to appoint someone who
    makes the rank and file nervous.

    Say, your not gonna be in town for inauguration, are you?

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