Ear-splitting volume in a small space

I have never spent as much time listening to as much music in my entire life as I have in the past six years. I can chalk this up to several factors: 1) Having moved from NYC, I now am part of car culture, which has always been pretty much to my mind the perfect vehicle for listening. I have a good stereo in what is essentially a private soundproof booth on wheels in which to listen to music at ear-splitting volume in a small space — my preferred listening environment. 2) Yes, music is more available through the Internet; not just to illegally or legally download, which of course I do liberally, but also, I can track down stuff like never before. (I try to patronize my locals, but much of the stuff I’m looking for is early- to mid-’70s English stuff.)

This comes from Julie Cafritz, aka Pussy Galore, another NYC expat who lives in my adopted hometown of Northampton, MA.

She’s right. If for nothing else, driving more means listening to more music, and listening to it loudly.


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