Why the Verizon iPhone still sucks

The launch of the iPhone on Verizon adds to the mountain of evidence that you just can’t trust wireless carriers.

Wired’s Brian X. Chen has a great piece on why, no matter the magic that flows from Cupertino, and Verizon’s offer of “unlimited data” plans — the Verizon iPhone still sucks.

Why? Because of punitive data policies that treat customers like unruly teenagers rather than honest, bill-paying smartphone lovers.

Chen writes that “any smartphone customer who uses an ‘extraordinary amount of data’ will see a slowdown in their data-transfer speeds for the remainder of a billing cycle.”

It’s one thing if a data hog bent on streaming TV shows and movies during peak hours is slowed down a bit during that time so that others can have a shot at watching old episodes of Arrested Development, too.

But instead, Verizon punishes those users by slowing down their data usage for the remainder of their billing period — which could be up to a month.

Why punish users? There’s no benefit to this behavior other than showing those users who’s boss.

This on top of $350 early-termination fees, the upcoming “bait and switch” of removing unlimited data plans, and the crippling of some phones and crapware mangling of others. Awful.


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