Smartphones for reporting = More tech disruption

Every journalist has found herself in some version of this situation: Bianca Vazquez Toness, a reporter for Boston’s WBUR public radio, drove about 40 minutes north of her office Tuesday to interview the controversial mayor of Lawrence, Mass. Only when she arrived did she realize she had forgotten her audio kit — recorder, microphone, cables, headphones, everything. Gah.

What she had brought with her, though, was her iPhone. She had no choice but to try using that to record or risk losing a big interview.

Great story about a Boston reporter who was forced to rely on her iPhone to record an interview when she forgot her equipment. Turns out smartphones work great for such a thing.

I love how disruptive smartphones have been to nearly every technological market: They’re a threat to still cameras, camcorders, audio recording devices, GPS devices, even compasses. Yet within their own market, their still victims of almost no competition among carriers.

We need to find a way to get these gatekeepers — who are busy finding artificial ways to hold back disruption — out of the way, so that real innovation can occur in the wireless market.


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