Both Wired and ZDNet are reporting news that the cell phone carriers are retaining all kinds of data about you — including your calling history, web browsing history and text messages — for much longer than you would have thought. 

In fact, did you realize they were collecting this info at all ?

You can slice the data in a few different ways. As the image above shows, AT&T holds onto info for the longers. But according to ZDNet, Verizon is the worst offender for other reasons:

Verizon is alone in the cell network community in that it holds onto the content of text messages for 3 to 5 days. The company also logs your Internet-browsing history for 1 year, whereas other networks either don’t, or hold it for a significantly shorter length of time.

No matter whose worst, all of these companies are engaging in bad, privacy-killing behavior. That we must depend on them alone to provide cell phone service and access to the mobile Interent is outrageous. 

(via ZDNet)


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