A Better World in Second Life?

A Better World in Second Life? is a machinima documentary about how real-world activists are using Second Life as a platform for social and political activism. In the film I meet progressive organizers and environmental, anti-war, and anti-genocide activists who are using Second Life for collaboration, organizing, advocacy, and creative work. I question the nature of activism in a virtual world, and wonder whether spending time in a virtual space necessarily moves participants toward action, or merely gives them a false sense of action and catharsis.

Thanks to Ruby Sinreich (Ruby Glitter), Linda Kelley (Delia Lake), Bruce Wallace (PT Witte), and Evonne Heynning (In Kenzo) for sharing their creative methods, politics, and personal histories. Darren Clarke is responsible for the wonderful soundtrack. Andrea Polli, Mary Flanagan, and Trebor Scholz were my advisors on the project; innumerable thanks to them.Please contact me if you would like to discuss this project.I appreciate your feedback!

-Josh Levy