I’ve been trying to import my old entries from my Hunter web site/blog over to this site, and it’s been much more of a pain in the ass than I expected. I had a continuing conversation with my web host (who has been responsive and, until today, 100% helpful) and I thought we were getting somewhere. I was out all last night, so this morning I woke up and discovered an email telling me my new database (where my new posts and readers’ comments are located) was deleted. I went nuts, especially since today is the Day to Take Care of Wedding Stuff.

So the result of the host trying to import my old posts is that the old ones are there and the new ones aren’t. What upsets me even more is that all of your recent comments, which are the reasons why I love writing this thing, are gone too. Don’t fret; it won’t happen again, I don’t think. But just in case you seek out your digital fingerprints on my blog, you’re gonna have to write new comments because the old ones are gone.

This was therapeutic. Now I can go back to punching holes in my wedding programs.

The wedding, by the way, is taking place a week from this moment. That blows me away. More later.