The reason, of course, why I’ve been away for a while is that Nicole and I got married. It was a tremendous day, full of love, though sometimes the sight of it all was obscured due to my inability to stop crying. I knew it would happen, but I thought I might be able to hold things in until halfway through the ceremony. But upon seeing Nicole and her dad make their way to chuppah, the tears rolled. And rolled. I couldn’t stop. It would have been inappropriate to try to thing of something un-wedding related to make the tears go away, so I tried to concentrate on the faces of the people in the audience, but everytime I looked at someone–Lorne, Ed Krasnow, my parents–it got even worse.

The ceremony was great nonetheless, and Nicole was poised throughout. It was a pretty good approximation of what my life has been like with her–me trying not to get all gooey and emotional, and her standing by, oddly strengthened by the sight.

There’s more to it than I can say. But having our good friends and both our families in attendance was amazingly life-affirming. That did it; it’s happening again. I’m choking up.