We’re back from almost two weeks in Spain and I’m happy to say it actually feels like we’ve been gone two weeks. I was dreading that feeling of coming home to my doorstep and feeling like I’d never left. But instead, the doorstep looked slightly foreing and my apartment has been pleasingly new-feeling, rather than feeling slightly oppressive, as it did in the run up to the wedding.

Spain was fantastic, of course, and we managed to get a pretty good look at rural and urban Andalucia. Pixies and Clash songs and Bunuel movies were going through my head much of the time. My Spanish continued to suck, though it sucks a little less than before. In her modest way, Nicole continues to claim that she’s not a fluent speaker, but the only times she got flustered were when she couldn’t understand the nasally ca-ca-ca of the local accent, which, with its combination of lisp and sinal inflections, makes it’s citizens sound like gay men with bad colds who’ve just sucked down a bunch of helium.

The food was great, though Nicole and I are both vegetarians (well, pescatarians) and the ubiquity of jamon made it a little hard to eat. They even have “vegetable” dishes that include ham. As someone who I can’t recall said, it’s treated like a garnish there. We ended up eating tons of fish and white bread (not so good for the digestive system–it’s like eating cement) and drinking tons of delicious Cruzcampo and Alhambra beer.

There’s so much more, but it’s hard to mention it all without boring all two of my readers, which I’ve no doubt accomplished already by now. Check out some pictures in the photos section of this site.