To my London friends and all the rest, my thoughts are with you. What a rude awakening to the day, this terrorist shit was.

Just recently, as we were traveling around Spain, watching BBC World at night and reading about the Live 8 concerts, I was thinking about what solidarity I feel with Britain. As an American, going abroad can be rude awakening to the fact the world doesn’t revolve around us. Thankfully, no matter where we go, the British are usually there too to remind us that yes, the world does revolve around us. Upon reaching Gibraltar I thought the town, with it’s British storefronts and Anglophone population, would be cheesy, but I found a bit of security in having the Empire within close reach.

So with this new round of stupid attacks we again reach across the Atlantic towards our friends and allies and offer our support. Jesus, this stuff sucks.

And on the heels of Live 8, and the G8 summit, and the selection of London for the 2012 Olympics (New York should definitely not have been selected). As a radio announcer said here in New York, London is at the center of the world right now. For whatever it’s worth, the English have been leading the most recent charge for awareness for Africa–even it is only to serve Tony Blair’s Clinton-esque need for greatness in the twilight of his governance–and hopefully this event will strengthen the country’s resolve to be more vigilant, not only of terrorists within their midst but of the many, many wrongs occurring throughout the developing world that we in the West have the power to change.

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