Nicole and I went walking around Brooklyn today looking for theoretical neighborhoods for the theoretical apartment that, theoretically, we will buy someday now that we are officially bound together within a Zionist agreement of mutuality. We liked the neighborhoods, and have a general love of all of Brooklyn, but ultimately we just want to buy the apartment we live in now. Why should this be so hard? It’s simple, really: make a proposal to the dentist who owns it that we will funnel our money to him in one lump some rather than give him a piddling amount every month. Then we can have our apartment, with it’s east-west views (the sunset and cumulus clouds were wonderful tonight), strangely accommodating amount of space, and rooftop access. It’s in a part of town we like and are lucky to live in, the cats like it, we like it. Is that so much to ask?

Then we can do what I’ve always wanted to do: knock down walls. I’ve always wanted to take a sledgehammer to wall and knock a hole in it. It’s might destructive, but constructive, too, since it’s an act of creation.

It seems tacky to call the dentist and ask, “can we like, buy your apartment?” but maybe it will work…

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