On another note, it’s “World Blog Day” today, an event thought up by Israeli blogger Nir Ofir after he saw that “3108” (the way today’s date is written everywhere but America) looks a little like the word “blog.” His idea was to have bloggers link to five blogs they’ve never seen before. Since I’m pressed for time and ideas, I thought I’d link to five world bloggers who I read and like and haven’t mentioned much here. Here goes:

Velveteen Rabbi An ethical, interesting blogger who writes about Judaism in a refreshing, open-hearted way.

El Oso, El Moreno, and El Abogado David Sasaki is on the Global Voices team and writes his own blog which mixes “bridge-blogging” with talk about music and his life.

Sirotablog David Sirota is my good friend Tim’s good friend and writes a very necessary and entertaining blog about progressive politics.

Meskel Square An expatriate in Ethiopia posts photos and talks about life as an outsider.

The Head Heeb A refreshingly liberal and open-minded Jewish blogger who talks about Israel and the developing world, a too-rare combination.

Happy World Blog Day!