GENEVA, Nov 1 (Reuters) - The United Nations said on Tuesday that it had received less than a quarter of the $550 million sought for quake victims in Pakistan and that the lack of money could soon hamper efforts to save lives in remote areas.

This is simply unbelievable.  This report came out just a day before the numbers of dead in Pakistan were revised to over 73,000.

If the U.N. has received less than $130 million or so, that means that the U.S. has donated far below it’s fair share.  In a time when Bill Gates, a private citizen (of course, the most wealthy private citizen in the world) donates over $750 million in one day to help eradicate malaria, can’t the U.S. government cough up even a third of that to help people who are in danger of dying right now?  Call me idealistic, but it’s absurd. 

Of course, we have to spend money investigating Georgie and his cronies’ ineptitude.  So what if a few dozen thousand Pakistanis die of cold and exposure before winter even hits?  I’m sure where they’re going, like the New Orleanians who were forced by Katrina to move, is better than where they live now, right, Barb?

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