You may have noticed that these “updated links” posts keep showing up. I’ve belatedly discovered the “daily blog posting” function, which – how do I write this without sounding techy? – posts my daily bookmarks to my blog every night. For the uninitiated, is a “social bookmarking” service that allows you to create online bookmarks of web sites you like and shares them with the public. You also “tag” each bookmark with a keyword so that you can search your bookmarks based on tags. The cool thing is that you get to see what everyone else in the system has bookmarked, leading you to some cool discoveries.

For example, I can bookmark The Young Caucasus Women Project on I’ll see that four other people have linked to the same site. I can check out those people’s bookmarks and see what else they’ve bookmarked, and away we go.

Picture 1.png

Anyway, that’s what the links are. And they give me an easy way to post to my blog everyday without actually writing anything.

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