Alternet today picked up a thoughtful and insightful piece by Larry C. Johnson about Israel’s fight with Hezbollah.  Although it is a partisan piece that is critical of Israel, it cuts through a lot of the emotional rhetoric that gets used to both attack and defend Israel.

A commenter on the post also wrote an incisive critique of Israel’s tit-for-tat policy of attack and its disproportionate use of force:

Some suicidal jihadist blows themselves and a few other people in a market or cafe (a horrible evil thing, and there's no explaining it, not enough compassion in the world, for those whose family members are killed or maimed), and Israel's response, over and over again (like the US military in Iraq) is to bomb civilian areas and threaten and humiliate people who have nothing to do with the conflict. Thus increasing the base of indirect support for the extremists, rather than isolating them by treating a crime as a crime. You cannot ignore that there is racism and indifference to human suffering at work here. Collective punishment is both a moral and legal crime, and it is a tactical error of the worst kind.

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