You may have noticed the site looks a little different. It's because just installed a new theme called K2. I like the old template just fine, but I was getting frustrated with the way it broke in Internet Explorer (get Firefox!) and I like this new theme's implementation of AJAX (which means, basically, that searching can happen in real time) and other goodies. I'm working on making the switch as painless as possible, so hang in there if you see any errors -- it most likely means I'm updating something.

In a couple of days Nicole and I are going to the west coast for 10 days. I can't wait. Summer in New York has been almost unbearable. I swear the concrete absorbs the heat so that, even when 100+ degree heat waves dissipate, the heat still sticks around. We're driving up the coast from San Francisco to Vancouver and then down to Portland. Should be refreshing. I can't wait to commune with some large trees, eat good burritos, and slow down for a bit.

It's time to work on my thesis in the fall, and in the words of my friend Paul, I've been trying to not think about it all summer and just let it brew. So far, things are brewing but I'm not sure what I'll do. I feel like I'm working backwards, knowing my themes before knowing how I'll incorporate them. If you've read this blog for a while, you'll know that I'm interested in social software, documentary filmmaking, and advocacy. That's great, but now I need a project!

Things, of course, are less exaggerated than that. I have ideas, and once they finish brewing they'll become something. Stay tuned.

Also, my brother's band just recorded a few new songs, and they sound great. Rosanne posted three of them. Check them out.

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