Ted Kennedy has put up a petition on his website calling for Bush to obey the will of the American people before sending a "surge" of new troops into Iraq:

George Bush plans to announce his intention to escalate the war in Iraq by sending tens of thousands of more troops to pursue his flawed strategy. But if he wants to ignore the advice of the military and the findings of the Iraq Study Group, he's going to have to make his case and get the consent of the people through their elected representatives.

Thankfully, escalation is not President Bush's decision to make. He must have the people's consent.

Senator Kennedy has introduced legislation that makes the issue plain. It states that any substantial new commitment in Iraq requires a plan from the administration and explicit authorization from Congress.

Iraq has become George Bush's Vietnam, and it's every American to ensure that history doesn't repeat itself any longer. The Iraqi people need to take responsibility for their own future. But our only hope for change over there is if we, the American people, take control of our own destiny here at home.

As others have said, this may be symbolic act, but it's important. If you believe in democracy, sign it.