Just a note to say that my friend Terence, who I worked with in my former life as a textbook editor, has started up a fantastic blog called The Playful Librarian.

Terence and I left the ol’ publisher around the same time three and half years ago (has it really been that long?) for the brighter shores of academia.  We both ended up getting entranced by the so-called “semantic web” which even Tim Berners-Lee is now referring to as the “social graph,” and went to grad to school to approach it in our own ways, his as a librarian/information architect, mine as an MFA student and eventual blogger/editor/writer about politics and the web. 

Now we get together every once in a while and nerd out.  It’s such a great feeling to have known someone earlier in life, to go in separate ways, and to discover that you’ve both independently come around to the same set of interests, to be working in somewhat similar fields.

Anyway, check out Terence’s blog.  He writes about the culture of the social web, online journalism, and other good stuff.  He likes to point to folks who, in his mind, just aren’t doing things right (I especially like his retort to an article for web naysayer Jaron Lanier).  Like Terence, the blog is smart, sharp, and a little angsty.