The caucuses are finally here, and I'm not watching the results on TV. I don't have CNN or MSNBC or any other cable news station, and I don't have a lot of patience for watching the caucusing in real time on C-SPAN.

But I do have Twitter.

And I've got to say, following my Twitter friends' conversation has been educational.

Patrick Ruffini, who's gathering caucusgoers' tweets at, has already said he thinks Obama will win for the Dems. It's far too early though, methinks, but his Twitter feed is a great way to get numbers.

I'm also listening to the inimitable Brian Lehrer on WNYC, the New York-area NPR affiliate.

A special Google Maps mashup is supposed to be charting the results in real time, but I haven't seen anything yet. is showing the Democratic results, and at the moment John Edwards is leading the Democratic pack.

Super blogger Andy Carvin just twittered "Let's all pause for a moment to cross our fingers and hope that Twitter doesn't crash tonight." He's got that right.