Here, I present to you...

I just got back from a frenetic two weeks of traveling, including a weeklong stint in Israel courtesy of lobbyist group AIPAC (officially, the trip was funded by AEIF, the educational arm). I was one of ten journalists invited to meet with politicians, writers, army personnel, and other Israelis to learn about the political situation there, at least as AIPAC sees it. It was an eye-opening experience in many ways, as my left-ish views on Israeli-Palestinian politics were challenged by both the program and the sometimes hostile attacks from my fellow travelers. More on that later.

But I loved the country, the food, the people. I hope to visit often, and to return with my Gentile wife, who, after surveying the country, might understand more about why I am like I am.

More about the trip soon. In the meantime, it's good to be back.