I’ve always tried to bring friends from disparate places together. I’ve thrown nervous parties in which I’ve spied a friend working in city government chatting with a folk singer, or an introverted coder making small talk with a drunkard architect. I liked the clash of personalities those parties encouraged, but I would get so anxious about everyone getting along I couldn’t have much fun.

So why not try the same thing, but in web form? That’s the idea behind Tag, the new project my good friend Nancy Scola and I are soft-launching this week. 

The idea is simple: we’re asking our friends and acquaintances to contribute essays, photos, videos, interviews, or any other kind of online-friendly media that draw out connections between diverse ideas, people, and things.  (One friend has already suggested an article about Papa Smurf and the official seal of Argentina…) 

Go here if you want to find out more and contribute.  We understand that the parameters are somewhat broad, but we’re hoping you can suggest ideas – like reviewing pancakes, or interviewing your favorite dirt farmer, or documenting how a web evangelist became a taxi driver  – that are sometimes wacky, sometimes serious, but always culturally interesting.   Email us at editors@tag-themagazine.com with comments.