It’s been over a week since I’ve written a Daily Digest for techPresident, and while I’m happy to move on (and Nancy’s doing a fantastic job as my replacement), I do miss the drumbeat of daily blogging. It was like a hot cup of coffee, forcing me to wake up and make cognitive connections first thing in the morning, and it automatically kept me more in touch with tech and politics than I’ll likely ever be again.

Instead, I’ve been conducting 10 or more phone interviews a day, working hard to find the right folks to fill’s new blogging positions. I’ve gone from interfacing with a text editor and browser for three or more hours every day to actually talking to human beings all day long. I miss the blogging, but damn, those humans can be cuddly.

You tell yourself that you’ll keep up with tasks and patterns that emerged from the rigid structure of a job; but when those structures fade away, or get replaced by new structures, it’s as if those old patterns never existed. The human mind. So malleable, so forgetful.

I wonder if the relative ease of my transition has to do with the way Google has altered my mind. I’d look into that more, but there’s another blog post I have to read…