This is funny. NowPublic, a “crowd-powered” media site, released a list (linkbait, anyone?) called the Most Public Index, a “detailed barometer of the most public news influencers of today’s digital world.”

Translation: here are fifty New Yorkers that use the web too much. The site pulled together stats about peoples’ presences on social networking sites and Twitter and other activity, and came up with this list.

It turns out I’m one of those fifty webified New Yorkers, just making the cut at number 45, beating out such heavyweights as MediaBistro’s Laurel Touby (#48) and former Gawker editor Emily Gould (#49). A bunch of friends are also listed, including Jay Rosen (#27), Nancy Scola (#26), and Liza Sabater (#9). Congrats to all!


CPU magazine just published an interview with me in their August edition. I got to talk about the role of the internet in politics in a deeper way than usual; it was fun.