The trip to the Cape was refreshing beyond words, except for those provided by folks like Michael Ondaatje, who gave me the chance to daydream about living in northern California or rural France while living in a cabin by the beach, making pasta and mussels, and gaining some much-needed perspective on this whole life thing.

It looked like this:


But now it's back to work! I'm so excited about the changes afoot at I can hardly eat. We've hired 13 bloggers to write about issues as diverse as health care, homelessness, global warming, gay rights, women's rights, and immigration. There's more than that, though, and you'll have the pleasure of discovering the new blogs very soon.

I'll also be blogging over at Change myself, starting ASAP. I'll use the space as a platform to talk about my pet issue, social change and the web, which happens to be the raison d'etre of Harmony, it's a nice thing.

Oh, and another thing: with Delicious' new design and reboot I've decided to once again post my daily links to this blog, though I'm a bit torn about it. One part of me likes the ability to easily tell folks about what I've been reading, and to keep the content a-flowing. But the other part of me sees this as space-wasting spam. What do you think?