I haven’t mentioned yet on this fair blog, but my friend Alex Steed, scribe of Make Something Happen, fellow New Englander, and all-around super guy is setting out next month for a whirlwhind tour of these fair States to find out just what makes twentysomething activists tick. (We at Change.org are giving him a hand with a few aspects).

He’s rightly grabbing attention for the project. From Save the Internet:

<blockquote><p>But what sets Steed and other millennial activists apart isn’t
so much age – it’s how they participate in activism. Steed
says that millennial activists are defined by a sense of “digital
fluency” and leverage most of their social and political power
using the Internet.</p><p>“The same way that for many people activism means a particular
set of things, like picket signs or making phone calls at a phone bank,
to the millennial, I think one of the top three techniques will always
include the connectivity provided by the Internet,” Steed said.</p><p>Indeed, Steed himself is a self-proclaimed millennial activist,
relying on the Internet for much of his social organizing. But
he’s fascinated by the way people only a few years younger than
he is are harnessing the Internet to create change in increasingly
creative and effective ways.</p></blockquote>

Go Alex!