Ezra Klein stays on the meat beat:

The FAO estimates that one-fifth of all global greenhouse emissions are the result of meat production. Meat consumption is supposed to double by 2050. The head of the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has stepped forward to say that people should really cut down -- not necessarily cut out, just cut down -- their meat consumption. Of course, pity the politician who takes up the call and tries to refashion our subsidies and agricultural policies that make meat artificially cheap and other food sources needlessly expensive. Trying to preempt global catastrophe by resetting policy incentives is the sort of thing that makes you an elitist who hates small towns.

It’d be a hard sell to try to get the public to cut down on their meat eating. And as Ezra suggests, trying to cut out subsidies that artificially drive down the price of grain and beef would be asking for war with the agriculture lobby. But bring it on! I’m spoiling for a good fight.

My ammo would include the book Deep Economy, by Bill McKibben, which makes a persuasive argument that going local not only makes people happier, but it can make more people more money and reduces our reliance on carbon-based energy.

Also, ask me what the Bush Doctrine is. I dare you.